Parkitect is a theme park construction and business simulation game created by Texel Raptor. The game will feature a special staff system where staff has to bring goods to shops, but this can be hidden for the guests by setting up scenery.  The game is played from an isometric camera like RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, but is rendered in 3D. Further the game introduces an advanced coaster builder with options to set the size of pieces and turns, but also to set advanced banking angles. The game is inspired by the original RollerCoaster Tycoon and Theme Park and has a cartoony, yet realistic look.

The idea for the game started as a simple experiment for simulating roller coaster psychics. Images of these experiments were posted to a game developer forum. After some great response and feedback Parkitect was born.To get funding to build Parkitect, Texel Raptor started a kickstarter project in August of 2014. Less then one month later the full project was funded and got some more funding than needed. The game is currently in active development, with regular development updates.


  • Build and manage unique theme parks.
  • Design and build your own rollercoasters.
  • Hire and manage staff to keep the park maintained and operating smoothly.
  • Build the infrastructure to your park, such as employee roadways and hubs.
  • Upgrade the park with advanced systems and transit options.

Kickstarter Trailer