Planet Coaster concept art

Gamescom: new Planet Coaster screenshots and information

During Gamescom 2015 Planet Coaster wasn’t shown to the public, however behind the scenes Frontier was showing something to press and business people. A number of sources were invited to see some new stuff for Planet Coaster in there lounge at Gamescom 2015. Here is a summary of all the new information from various sources.

  • The game is still in very early development and the press didn’t get to see any actual gameplay in in-game footage.
  • The footage shown in the announcement trailer are in-game graphics. However this does not mean it’s actual in-game footage. It’s just that the textures, models and animations used in the trailer are also used for the game.
  • Planet Coaster will run on Frontier’s own Cobra engine. This is the same engine used for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, but has since been upgraded. The engine is has also been used for Elite: Dangerous and Kinectimals for Xbox 360.
  • The game will have a cam¬†feature similar to the “Coaster Cam” in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to actually ride rides yourself.
  • Employees and characters (guest) will show emotion on there faces while walking around the park and riding rides.
  • Planet Coaster won’t be finished when it releases in 2016. Frontier is looking to make the game Early Access and get a lot of feedback from the community to actually finish the game.
  • You will need to keep the happiness of employees high to make the guests experiences better and keep your ratings high.
  • Some way of building curved paths is confirmed, however it’s not confirmed how this will work and look.
  • Developers say the game will contain a high number of coaster types and flat rides. But what is high for them?

Together with a few animations frontier showed some new 3D models to the press, these models will be used in the game as how they are shown in the screenshots below.

Frontier also released a new concept art to the press, which can be viewed below.

What do you think of this news about Planet Coaster, is it enough to keep us happy while we wait for actual gameplay information?

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