Building Roller Coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon World

Building Coasters in Rollercoaster Tycoon World

This completely new way of creating and building roller coasters can be a challenge in Rollercoaster Tycoon World when you first enter the game. Don’t worry, it will get easier and you will learn to build your own coasters very fast with this new spline based building method. The first thing that will come in handy are the key commands.

Key Commands

Left Mouse Click: Confirm and build a new node
Right Mouse Click: Cancel building the new node

1: Change the height of the nodes
2: Change the Twist rotation of the nodes
3: Change Yaw rotation of the nodes
4: Change Pitch rotation of the nodes

Shift + Mouse Wheel: Change rotation or height of the node
: Decrease rotation or height of the node
+: Increase rotation or height of the node
Delete: Delete node

You can keep this page open as a cheat sheet but it’s also mentioned in the game when building the coaster.

Building the Track

Here are tips and tricks for you to build the Roller Coaster you really want:

How to add nodes to your track

First you need to be in the construction menu of your coaster. Click anywhere on the map to place a node. Don’t click the green orb, this will only select the latest node. If you want to remove a node, select that node and click delete.

How to build a straight Lift Hill

When your first starting out building Roller Coasters you may have encountered there aren’t any straight lift hills, these are very common when you want to build a roller coaster based on a real coaster. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, it’s actually pretty easy.

Build straight lift hill

Building the straight Lift Hill

  • Turn on the Grid (G) when you haven’t done this already.
  • Place the first node right after the train will leave the station. Change the height (1) a bit and change the Pitch rotation (4). The Pitch rotation on the screenshot is 330° and the height is 4 meters.
  • Change the height (1) of your lift hill. The third node should have the same Pitch rotation as number two.
  • With node number four you’ll have to change the height (1) a bit and change the Pitch rotation (4) back to 0°.
  • Make sure you add a chain lift between the node number one and four

Now build a good looking drop section on your coaster.

How to build a Looping

To build a looping you only need 4 nodes. I numbered them the way I placed them in order on the track. Number 5 was added later by selecting the top dot and make the top more round to create a round looping. Number 2 and 3 should be the same height to make the looping symmetrical. When you select the dot you can see the height of that node.

Building a Looping

Building the Looping.

  • Turn on the grid (G) at the beginning to make a lined looping.
  • Start with placing the first node and change the pitch (4) and the height (1) of the node.
  • Place the second node, only change the pitch (4) not the height.
  • The third node should be placed on the end of the looping to finish it. Change the height (1) and the pitch (4) of this one.
  • Turn off the grid (G) and make the looping more round by selecting the top dot and change the height (1).

This should do it! No matter how large the looping is going to be for your coaster. Not that hard right?

How to build a Corkscrew

When you want to build a corkscrew you’ll need 3 nodes. This one is a little trickier when you compare it to building a looping.

Building a Corkscrew

Building the Corkscrew

  • Turn on the grid (G) for better placement of the track.
  • Place the middle node and change the height (1). Now change the Twist (2) to around 180° to the inside. After this change the Yaw rotation (3) to 90°. You can look at the screenshot below for the node placement on the grid.
  • The last node needs to be lowered in height (1) to the same level as the start node. After this you can change the Twist (2) to 360° and the Yaw rotation (3) to 90°.

After these steps you can change the Twist (2) of the number 1 node and the number 3 node a little to fit the Roller Coasters track and make the track more smooth.

Building corkscrew on grid

Change chains speed on Roller Coasters

Click on the coaster track where you want to add the chain lift. Add the chain lift with the second item in your menu. When you successfully added the chain lift you get an extra option on the selected track: Chains Speed. Click on the plus to fasten the lift speed.

change chains speed

How do I add more trains on a Roller Coaster?

To run multiple coaster trains on your track first place a section of “block breaks” somewhere along your track. Then exit out of the coaster editor and go to the “coaster operations screen”. The second tab down has your coaster settings. There you will see an option for number of trains on a track. Raise this number up. The next time your train completes a full loop on the track a new coaster train will be added to the track.

Add multiple trains

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